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 Cod4 War and Scrim rules

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Sniper Commander

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PostSubject: Cod4 War and Scrim rules   Fri Apr 03, 2009 10:20 pm

When in Wars or Scrims these are how the following weapon access rights there are

DANGERDAN Sniper (All Rights)
Extinct Spec Ops (All Rights)
Crimson Spec Ops (Second Rights)
Thrasher Demolitions (All Rights)
Rest of Clan (Assault)

All Rights (can choose under any circumstances to have the class)
Second Rights (Right to choose after all rights)
Assault (Everyone else gets assault or if given another weapon)

Respect these decisions and do not argue, if you feel this will affect you in the clan feel free to discuss that with the clan admins.
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Cod4 War and Scrim rules
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