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 Vent and Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Vent and Clan Rules   Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:32 pm

These are the rules for when using our vent.
You must be respectful to everyone and never abuse or put down people, you must also act maturely I and other admins/founders of the clan will kick you from vent if they feel you are being anoying to them or other members.
Vent is the trial area for our clan we judge you on your attitude and how well you act in scrims/wars if I or any other admin feel you do not fit the requirements we shall notify you through vent or xfire and remove you from vent.
Vent is not open to all people its not public you must request a password to enter and to do that you must contact either me (aosdangerdan) or the other admins for this password.
Vent admin is only given to those that are selected you cannot request for it and if you do you shall never get it.

When Writing in the forums there shall be no accepted abuse or arguments in any threads except the "Arguments" Thread.
You must respect the forums and keep a regularly visit to them to insure you are doing your part in the clan, make sure you check at least once a day.
Watch out for war times which are posted in the forums to insure you are up to date and ready.
Forum admins are admins of the forums are play a part in looking after the clan in certain ways, for example
Recruiting, looking after forums, requesting scrims, helping members out, posting times for wars scrims or of any such scheduled arrangement.
If you ask for admin you will never get it, admin are given to those who us admin/founders believe will provide help for the clan.
When admin is given it will be under a trial basis to see whether you take it seriously and not just some power to boss people around with, Admin is not a joke and harsh actions will be taken to whom abuse it for eg temp ban, suspension, kicked from clan.

Now if everyone abides by these rules I am sure everyone will get on fine
Happy gaming

ps. further gramma correction to be made
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Vent and Clan Rules
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