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 DANGERDAN'S Case Review

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PostSubject: DANGERDAN'S Case Review   DANGERDAN'S Case Review I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 3:16 pm

My P190 Case Review
Hi there id thought id make the first post in this section and tell you about my case and why i tihnk its the best case you can buy..
DANGERDAN'S Case Review Stock

2x140mm upper exaust fans
1x120mm rear exaust fan
1x120mm front intake fan
1x120mm inside bottom chamber (direct flow on the psu)
1x120mm optional inside middle fan (direct flow on the gfx)
1x120mm optional front intake fan upper hdd bay
1x120mm optional front intake fan lower hdd bay
1x200mm Big boy side door fan
DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_TopFan
DANGERDAN'S Case Review 01425sz1i16185100
DANGERDAN'S Case Review 01425sz1i16186200

[Included Psu]
DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_PSU
DANGERDAN'S Case Review 01425sz1i16183900
1x650 watt
1x550 watt
These PSU are linked together and are used at the same time to create a total
available usage of (1200 Watts).
The 650 deals with the motherboard the gfx and optional extra molex compenents,
The 550 deals with the Fans,Hardrives,DVD drives,etc

[HDD Bays]
DANGERDAN'S Case Review 01425sz1i16184400
DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_Silicon
There are two hdd bays a upper and lower, the upper consists of two possible hdd and the
lower has a possible of four,both have (with the optional fans installed)120mm fans blowing directly on the Hdd(s)
Note! if if upper HDD bays have Hardrives in them the optional 120mm middle fan
cannot be installed as the hardrives overhang to far (not a design error)
Also there are rubber fitted screw washers to prevent vibrations and noise against the case

[Drive Bays]
4xDrive bays
DANGERDAN'S Case Review 01425sz1i16184900
Four drive bays for optional dvd drives xtra hdd(s) etc

DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_Jacks
DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_OpenFront
The Front of the case Includes of two USB 2.0 ports,one Firewire port,headphone and mic port and a key lock feature which enables you to
lock the main door and or restricting the ability of it been turned on.
The side of the front door has ventilation holes which makes the two optional fans the ability to push through cool air

DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_BayDoor
The two optional fans also include removeable and washable dust filters for the two front intake fans
to keep the case as free of dust as possible preventing dust buildup and or future damage to your pc

DANGERDAN'S Case Review Antec_p190_int
DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_BackSlots
As you can see there are three upper backplate holes and one right side for hidden
cable management behind the motherboard plate.

DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_FanControl
Three included fan speed buttons which control the included 3x 120mm fans
Note! The Big boy 200mm Fan also has a fan control which has to be adjusted from inside the case

DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_WaterCooler
Included are two rubber fitted water cooling holes for optional outside modding

DANGERDAN'S Case Review AntecP190_Light
There is also a Snake light for those dark places

To conclude this review i get to the part where i say the goods and the bads and my thoughts.

The goods

This case at first might not have cut it for me but everything about it just fell into place the cable management behind the motherboard backplate was perfect for making the pc look tidy and neat and the options in which you could do it was very good.. The amount of optional fans you could have was really good meaning if needed you could have optimal airflow through the case (IMO this is the best designed case for airflow and cooling) and who wouldnt love the 200mm big boy fan its huge ,the hdd drive bay(s) design is perfect and is great when the optional fan is placed keeping any hdd(s) cool,the rubber washers for the hdd makes it queit and what makes this case more queit is the fan speed control which can be adjusted behind the case ..
There are four drive bays which i believe is perfect and can be just about enough for any situation, the sleek design and well made look is almost too good to beleive, the shiny black polished look makes it one of the most best looking cases to date that i have seen..though i have not seen any water cooling mods on this but i do not see why this could not be modded to fit one.

The bads

Ok the psu although it was great to see a company design a case with a combined psu but there are things they should have thought about when doing so like for example the 550 deals with hdd,fans etc and the 650 is used for the motherboard and gfx why so much for the hdd and fans they should have put what was needed for each component as most know the gfx and mobo will max out the 650 if upgraded, also when that time does come for a psu upgrade it is a bit difficult to remove..
The 200mm fan great how it is it can get in the way of some cpu coolers etc 120 ultra zalman 9700 but the case still works well without the big fan no matter what..
Its price of 670 may fall out of range and be a little on the unworth it side but with its features you get what you pay for..

Although the fan and psu were problems its was only minor errors that could be fixed and not a hassle this case has all the features that any high end pc builder could want and so far in my experience there is nothing i dnt like about it and highly reccomend it to all who seek for the perfect case

Personal rating 8.5/10

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DANGERDAN'S Case Review Empty
PostSubject: Re: DANGERDAN'S Case Review   DANGERDAN'S Case Review I_icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 3:27 pm

Well, this certainly explains why you were quiet for 30 mins....
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