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 sadly D:

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PostSubject: sadly D:   Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:44 pm

Hey guy's

I geuss you noticed i havent been on lately .
Sadly it's because i was at a mate's place and his DUD fucking power! got me a power surge and fucked my motherboard so yeh and just before that i soled my laapy so now i cant play D:

Hopefully soon i will have the money to get a new motherboard , so for the late post its just been so hard too get to a computer, so im on one at college atm Very Happy but yeh sorry guy's hopefully i will be backk gaming and scrimming soon Very Happy it's fucking unbeleivably $#$# not being able to play Sad boring as.

ahwell as i said hopefully i get the money to get a new motherboard soon.


- P a n i X
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sadly D:
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