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 WASPY! ( I Want In! )

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PostSubject: WASPY! ( I Want In! )   Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:44 am

1. First Name


2. In-Game Name

WASPY! or th3Pr3@ch3r

3. Xfire Name


4. Time since first started playing First Person Shooters?


5. How you can contribute to [EXCEL]?

Im a good keen gamer and willing to put my skills to use in a good clan.

6. How many hours per day or week do you play?

4-8 hours

7. If you play for the competitiveness or for fun, explain why

I play for both since sometimes each is needed such as scrims call for competitive play but fun when just playing on a public server.

8. If you are leaving a Clan, why did you leave them for us?

=STOMP= because it was a bit to much for me.

9. Your play-style (answer to the best of your ability)

I cant give all my secrets away Very Happy

10.Age? (yes we have an age requirement)

14 yrs turning 15 soon

12. Games you currently Play/Own?

BF2142 COD4 COD5

Thanks for reading.

Haydn Wink
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WASPY! ( I Want In! )
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